Women's Voices in Ukrainian Literature

Warm the Children, O Sun

Selected Prose Fiction by
Olena Pchilka (1849-1930)
Nataliya Kobrynska (1855-1920)
Lyubov Yanovska (1861-1933)
Olha Kobylianska (1863-1942)
Hrytsko Hryhorenko (1867-1924)
Lesya Ukrainka (1871-1913)


Olena Pchilka

Biographical Sketch 1
Help! 4
The Chaotic Supper 22

Nataliya Kobrynska

Biographical Sketch 39
The Dealer's Child 42
The First Teacher 55
Liebesahnung 72
The One Left Behind 78
A Candle Burns 81

Lyubov Yanovska

Biographical Sketch 87
The Ideal Father 90
Darochka 117
Anemone 137
Ivas 148
"The Stranger" 159
The Secret of Our Princess 172
Mykolka's Sheep 235
The Ball 246

Olha Kobylianska

Biographical Sketch 253
At St. John's Monastery 256
The Diviners 259
To Meet Their Fate 271
Warm the Children, O Sun 286

Hrytsko Hryhorenko

Biographical Sketch 303
It's That Kind of a "Story" 306
Khivrya the Babbler 329
The Migrants 362
She's Literate 398

Lesya Ukrainka

Biographical Sketch 411
Friendship 414

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Translated by Roma Franko; Edited by Sonia Morris

Olena Pchilka Biographical Sketch

Nataliya Kobrynska Biographical Sketch

Lyubov Yanovska Biographical Sketch

Olha Kobylianska Biographical Sketch

Hrytsko Hryhorenko Biographical Sketch

Lesya Ukrainka Biographical Sketch


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