Ukrainian Male Authors 1880-1920

Riddles of the Heart


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Selected Short Fiction by

Mykola Chernyavsky (1868-1946)
Ivan Franko (1856-1916)
Hnat Khotkevych (1877-1938)
Mykhaylo Kotsybynsky (1864-1913)
Osyp Makovey (1867-1925)
Mykhaylo Mohylyansky (1873-1942)
Panas Myrny (1849-1920)
Leonyd Pakharevsky (1883-1941)
Valeriyan Pidmohylny (1901-1937)
Stepan Vasylchenko (1879-1932)
Volodymyr Vynnychenko (1880-1951)

Translated by Roma Franko
Edited by Sonia Morris

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ISBN 0-9735982-1-2


Mykola Chernyavsky

The End of the Game 11

Ivan Franko

Amidst the Just 21
Fatherland 43
The Jay's Wing 83
William Tell 129

Hnat Khotkevych

The Prodigal Son 138
The She-Devil 168

Mykhaylo Kotsyubynsky

The Debut 186
Osyp Makovey
The Emancipation of Men 216
Loneliness 246

Mykhaylo Mohylyansky

From the Dark Wellsprings of Life 254
The Fiancee

Panas Myrny

The Hunt 264

Leonyd Pakharevsky

A Sentimental Story 274

Valeriyan Pidmohylny

God is Good 290

Stepan Vynnychenko

The Princess 305
The Sin 313

Volodymyr Vynnychenko

The Clandestine Affair 325
Glossary 340
Biographical Notes 345

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