Ukrainian Male Authors 1880-1920

Down Country Lanes


Down Country Lanes cover

Selected Short Fiction by

Tymofey Bordulyak (1863-1936)
Mykola Chernyavsky (1868-1946)
Ivan Franko (1856-1916)
Bohdan Lepky (1872-1941)
Dmytro Markovych (1848-1920)
Les Martovych (1871-1916)
Stepan Vasylchenko (1879-1932)
Volodymyr Vynnychenko (1880-1951)

Translated by Roma Franko
Edited by Sonia Morris

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ISBN 978-0-9735982-5-4


Tymofey Bordulyak

Worry 11
The Message 19
The Jubilarian 36

Mykola Chernyavsky

The Dragon 57

Ivan Franko

How a Rusyn Busied Himself in the Other World 66
How Yura Shykmanyuk Forded the Cheremosh 79
A Thorn in His Foot 140
As in a Dream 159

Bohdan Lepky

Nastya 164
For Her Brother 176
The Peasan Woman 185
The Sacrifice 190
Vengeance 201
The Daughter and the Mother 218

Dmytro Markovych

Omelko the Convict 230
The Shmatok 237
Ivan from Budzhak 245
In Vowk's Hamlet 252

Les Martovych

The Sinner 262
A Matter of Life and Death 267

Stepan Vasylchenko

In a Hamlet 276
Cornflowers 281
At Home 287
Rain 292
The Witch 296
The Peasant Angel 308
Petrunya 312

Volodymyr Vynnychenko

A Curious Scene with Kost 334
Beauty and Strength 346
Glossary 400
Biographical Notes 405

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Down Country Lanes Biographical Notes

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